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No more DGN?

2009-10-12 09:00 - by Zee

As most of you might have found out there have not been held any events for a long time. After I finished my studies at the ITU the event more og less faded out. If any new students want to resurrect the event you are welcome to contact me for advice/information. Until then, R.I.P DGN.

Summer time

2008-07-03 14:37 - by Zee

The DGN committee wishes all the gamers at ITU a nice summer vacation. The DGN's will return when the next semester starts, maybe even in the week where the new MTG students are having their intro week.

ATTENTION! The next DGN is postponed.

2008-04-16 15:51 - by Zee

Unfortunately we have to postpone the DGN we were going to hold this friday. Instead it will be held next friday at the 25th. Sorry for the inconvenience it might cause.

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Date: 2009-02-27

Started: 19:30

Ended: 2009-02-28 06:00

Completed events:17
Avg. event duration:10.2 hours
Avg. number of players:18.3
Most played game:Battlefield 2
2nd most played game:Team Fortress 2
3rd most played game:Unreal Tournament

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